Thursday, April 28, 2016

Current eBay dealer in Fake Coins: junguoxu2011

Reference: Fake Chinese Coin seller eBay ID junguoxu2011

This dealer repeats the mistake that others made a few years ago when I first started outing Chinese sellers of fake cash. He includes a photo of a dig where coins are shown being dug up and poured out in huge piles. Yes, this really does happen. But then he makes the mistake of showing bulk quantities of the coins he is selling. Since the photo of the real coins is far too small to see the details, he thinks he can get away with it. Here, let's take a look!

The dig.

The dealer's bulk lots. You can order bulk coins from this pile: 20 pieces for $15, 50 pieces for $30. Using the same image, he calls the 20 for $15 offer Chinese old coins, etc., and the 50 for $30 he calls coins dug up in Java. Well, I've been to Java and seen what coins are dug up there and, believe you me, these are NOT them!

Here's a closeup.

And here's a typical sample of what you might get if you order.

Every coin pictured above is guaranteed fake. Guaranteed by whom? Well, it should by the seller. He should be honest and tell us something like this:

Well-made modern reproductions of ancient and medieval Chinese historic coins, lightly artificially patinated, for decorative use, or for student education in numismatic science. Can supply specimens from all dynastic periods at reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, the Chinese sellers offering this stuff could care less about what they are doing to the numismatic community. They're only into it for the money, and they are betraying their country and culture.

I was going to post the listings of individual coins, but there are just too many. I have downloaded all of them, or almost all, from his auction current as of the date of this post, to be used in future articles on my blog or at my webpage.

Here are just a few of what he's selling today. All these coins are either over-sized versions of the real thing, or bronze versions of iron coins that would be of approximately the 34mm diameter that these fakes are.


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  2. Thank you for the informative post. Seeing the pictures of fake cash is slowly but surely helping to train my eye against them.

    I've just started collecting Chinese cash late last year and this website has been very helpful to me in many ways. Coincidentally I've decided to focus on the Northern Song period for now.