Friday, December 3, 2010

Former eBay dealer xiangxiangkafeizha Zhou Diye has a new webpage

I just received an email message from a (former) eBay dealer in Chinese coins, who has always been a reliable source of authentic pieces, never selling fakes. His name is Zhou Diye, and his eBay name was xiangxiangkafeizha. If you go to my blog Fake Chinese Cash on eBay, you will see that I have rated him as a 1st Class dealer, always genuine coins only.

Mr Zhou advises me that he has a new webpage for selling Chinese cash, and so I am bringing it to your attention, with my recommendation. The page is called Diye's Coins Shop, and you can link to it by clicking HERE. I don't understand why eBay tolerates the selling of fake Chinese cash and suppresses or in other ways discourages dealers in authentic Chinese coins.

Besides what he lists on his new webpage, you can also contact him with special requests, and he will always give you good service at a good price.


  1. It's good that you highlighted here a reliable source of coins. Been in the business of cash for coins and there are a lot people doing fraudulent schemes.

  2. hello Norman,please check,pls rated me.thank's MDP

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