Monday, June 20, 2016

Current eBay dealer in Fake Coins: liucheng336699

Reference: Fake Chinese Coin seller eBay ID liucheng336699

Amazing! Another seller of fake Chinese cash on eBay! So, what else is new?

I'll tell you what—finally a seller whose fake Chinese cash and other fake coins actually include some interesting fantasies. Take a look at these charmers! He's only got fifteen items on auction tonight, so I will show all of them with my comments. This seller has, of today, twenty bad feedbacks on the record, and they all seem to have something to do with fake underwear, so maybe the coins are okay—not! Just kidding, but some of the coins are very original, not the usual fakes we've been seeing. Here 't goes!

There are only three cash-likes:

A charm with 福 Fu at the top, bronze 54.5mm diameter.
Guangxu reign 10 cash, clumsy Manchu characters,
and much too large—62mm!
Jiaqing reign, 福建 Fujian province 100 cash
with characters in rims denoting a weight of 5 liang, brassy 58mm.
There are no multiple cash in the Jiaqing reign!

Then he is selling some fake Republican era coins with very crude portraits:

A fantasy 广东 Guangdong province 1 xian, bronze 25mm.
A fantasy Memento style 10 cash, bronze 28.5mm.
A fantasy Yuan Shikai as Emperor bronze 20 cash crown, 38mm.

Finally, nine assorted mostly fantasy types, some quite charming, some crude and childish, like Communist play money—if there ever was such a thing!

Somewhat faithful copy of the Communist 500 cash, 35mm!
Interesting, even artistic, play money 分 fen with ship, 23mm.
Totally childish play money style piece of Commie crap,
possibly useful as a piece of retro jewelry, 35mm.
Playful and childlike play money 分 fen, a bit goofy, 23mm.
Another play money piece, not terribly artsy, 29mm.
The authentic coin isn't much better.
Republic half cent fake, hole unpunched, and too large, 25mm.
Big 500 cash fantasy, crown-sized 38mm.
Interesting! A fake 1 cash in bronze instead of brass
and too large at 23mm with the Hubei 鄂 mintmark in the center.
Another interesting piece, a fantasy Republic 10 cash
with the Imperial Japanese chrysanthemum, bronze 25mm.

I don't really have much more to add in commenting on liucheng336699 or his wares. It has become more common this time round to find sellers in China who don't just sell fake coins, but a lot of other stuff, usually fake cultural artifacts or art, but sometimes ladies' clothes, shoes, or, as in the case of liucheng336699, men's underwear. I am not so concerned about fake underwear as I am about fake coins. The underwear gets discarded after a year or two, but the coins, unless someone is sensible and throws them into the smelter, could be around for centuries, infesting real collections for generations.

Remember, know your seller or dealer. Know your series.

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